Irish Mans Guide to Time Warp Mannheim

I put it to the Irish public to share their personal do’s and do nots for Time Warp Mannheim. Essential reading for the weekend ahead….

Stephen Flynn: ‘’Never get a taxi to the event from your hotel. Not really sure how much they charge you in Mannheim but certainly stay away from them in Holland.’’

Aaron Nolan: ‘’Fly into Frankfurt but don’t stay there. Travelling to and from the event is a lot more comfortable if you are staying in Mannheim itself. Don’t go to the actual event too early – 2/3/4am is grand.’’

Paul Gill agrees with Aaron: ‘’Fly into Frankfurt main. Stay in Mannheim. I stayed in both Frankfurt and Mannheim and Mannheim is the wiser option. That train back to Frankfurt after time warp is tough going. Also when in the actual event don’t go mad buying tokens for drinks, you’ll probably end up going back to your hotel with pockets full of them.’’

Patrick Dowdall: ‘’The Dorint Hotel in Manheim is a good place to stay, it’s the official Time Warp Hotel. Bumped into Villalobos, Cox, Hawtin, Vath and loads more over the years. Hit Murphy’s Law on the Sunday for the cure!!!’’

Eoghan O Maonaigh: ‘’Ask before taking a cup of water from 2 Slovakian gals. Well that’s a story best told by a certain Miss Young one.’’

Seosamh Ó’Raghallaigh: ‘’Don’t wear gold chains because the Italians will tear it from your neck.’’

Mark Greene: ‘’Oh this is so cool. Right well my bit of advice would be:
1.) Make sure you book your flight and accommodation at least 6 weeks in advance as prices sky rocket as the festival gets close.
2.) If you want to attend the pre-party or just want to make a full weekend of it then fly in on the Friday to either Frankfurt Hahn or Main (we fly to Hahn because it’s cheaper with Ryanair) .Then get a 30 euro bus return ticket to Mannheim. (The public transport ticket that comes with your TW ticket does not cover this because you are there a day early).
3.) Once you arrive in Mannheim go check out the Irish bar ”Murphys” which is located right beside the tram tracks and it is where you will meet loads of Irish, English, Italian etc. like minded festival partiers.
4.) The reason I recommend flying in on a Friday is you get a free pre-party ticket with your festival ticket and you can attend a night that is usually hosted by Chris Liebing and his CLR buddies. But if you do not want to drop into that you can chill out around Mannheim and meet more festival partiers. 5.) The next day when you are getting ready to go to the show make sure you only bring cash as it is pick pocket central in there and unfortunately a lot of people get phones, cards, passports etc. robbed
6.) Get your drink tokens at the start of the night as you don’t want to have to leave during one of the legendary sets to go get tokens that you have to Q for half an hour for.
7.) Stick together because the next day phone batteries die and it is next to impossible to find each other.
8.) Don’t wear sunglasses because you will only look like an absolute dickhead.’’

Maren Monika:
DO’s: ‘’See Sven Vath and Richie (this is the TRUE Richie you will see, unlike any of his other sets).’’
DON’T’s: Be careful with the security, searches are quite thorough; also don’t get too many drink tokens and be left with loads at the end.’’

Diana Philipino: ‘’Get flight to Frankfurt am Main on Friday, excellent train connections. Get hotel either Ludwigshafen or Mannheim (if looking for good rest after all the madness, get InterCity Hotel in Mannheim or Best Western Ludwigshafen). Best book all above at least 2 months in advance. Always take train or tram, always on time. Go to Time Warp around midnight. Do not buy too many tokens (if u will u can get your money back – 10euro at the time, you can always make few rounds). DJ? It’s up what kind of music you into, personally would recommend: Marcell Dettman, Ben Klock and Chris Liebing, as well as Joseph Capriati and Adam Beyer.’’

Brenna O’Reilly: ‘’Always stay in Mannheim, been there a load of times and none of us ever stayed in Frankfurt, always buzzed around Mannheim great little spot, try and bring Karen Young if you can. Don’t drink the water it’s full of caffeine, over 12 hours you will definitely have adrenaline induced shakes.’’

Darren Daly: ‘’Number 1 is, the minute you get off that plane Saturday morning is to not pay for public transport cause you will get away with it, even though its says 3pm. Park Inn Manheim is an amazing spot to stay for an easy going hotel, its tram parks right outside it… stock up, go to Timewarp about 11 or 12 have the best night off your life. Check out Hawtin the dome and a few different acts like Dj Rush and so on. Go for a stroll, soak it up, don’t leave early like some lightweights…. wait till the end, then back to the after-party or whatever you are able for….. Enjoy!’’

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Ceoltronic Radio With Will Kinsella Full Show Broadcast Mar 26 2015

Repeat of previous broadcast: Playing 2hr recording of Will’s closing set from Pygmalion’s 6th Birthday.!type=radio&rii=23%3A10386780%3A920%3A19%2D03%2D2015%3A

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Ceoltronic Radio With Will Kinsella Full Show Broadcast Mar 19 2015

Will played his 2 hour recording of his closing set from Pygmalion’s 6th Birthday on Paddy’s Eve.!type=radio&rii=23%3A10386780%3A920%3A19%2D03%2D2015%3A

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Ceoltronic Radio With Will Kinsella Full Show Broadcast Mar 12 2015

The third instalment of Dublin Club Sessions on RTE Pulse. Live guest in studio was Con Allen from Breakfast Club. This show was a warm up for the Breakfast Club 4th Birthday on April 25th in the Dark Horse Inn.!type=radio&rii=23%3A10383868%3A920%3A12%2D03%2D2015%3A

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Ceoltronic Radio With Will Kinsella Full Show Broadcast Mar 5 2015

Guestmix from Alex C from Moodybeats ahead of his show in Pygmalion that Friday Night. The show also features Wills first Division podcast (which will be a monthly series). This show was a warm up for Will’s shows with Miss Kitten Hanger and Maraki in Pygmalion with Divison. This show was also part of the build up to Paddy’s Eve with Jack Master and Krystal Klear in Powerscourt Celebrating 6 Years of Pygmalion.!type=radio&rii=23%3A10381110%3A920%3A05%2D03%2D2015%3A

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Ceoltronic Radio With Will Kinsella Full Show Broadcast Feb 26 2015

2hr Guest mix from DIG from Dynamo Recordings. The mix features 37 Irish Electronic Music Artists in his work like, Mick Fanucan, Mano Le Tough, Fractious, Matador, Sion, Fran Hartnett, L.A.W, Sunil Sharpe.!type=radio&rii=23%3A10378575%3A0%3A%3A

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Ceoltronic Radio With Will Kinsella Full Show Broadcast Feb 19 2015

Dublin Club Sessions introduces Eoin Smith, from Safe House Management Ibiza & Liilt, promoting a launch and online platform for all Electronic Music careers.!rii=23%3A10375949%3A0%3A%3A&type=radio

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Ceoltronic Radio With Will Kinsella Full Show Broadcast Feb 12 2015

Introducing Dublin Club Sessions. Ceoltronic welcomes Dublin finest Dj’s and Promoters into RTE studio for a 2 hour live mix. The first guest was Division and Pygmalion Resident Angelo C.!type=radio&rii=23%3A10373125%3A0%3A%3A

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Ceoltronic Radio With Will Kinsella Full Show Broadcast Feb 5 2015

Records played are from the Kompakt Pop Up record shop at Amsterdam Dance Event. It was also a preparation show for shows with Anthony Rother & Troy Pierce.

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Ceoltronic Radio Live on RTE Pulse 29/01/2015


Jeff Mills, The Occurance, Axis Records,
Jeff Mills, Light Like Illusions, Axis Records,
Reeko, Capitulo 1, Mental Disorder,
Jeff Mills, Multi Dimensional Freedom, Axis Records,
Jeff Mills, Event Horizon, Axis Records,
Reeko, Capitulo 2, Mental Disorder,
Jeff Mills, Start Marked, Axis Records,
Jeff Mills, The Man Who Wanted Stars, Axis Records,
Jeff Mills, Sirius, Axis Records,
Monoloc, Gipson, Soma,
Monoloc, Cupel, Soma,
Jeff Mills, The Source Detective, Axis Records,
Jeff Mills, Actual, Axis Records,
Developer, Signal 1, Weekend Circuit,
Developer, Signal 2, Weekend Circuit,
Jeff Mills, The Warning, Axis Records,
Developer, Signal 3, Weekend Circuit,
Jeff Mills, Star People, Axis Records,
Developer, Signal 4, Weekend Circuit,
30Drop, Soft Geometry,
30Drop, Galaxy Pattern,
30Drop, Paradox,
Qindek, Effe,
Qindek, Rea,
Viktoria, Universal,
Mike Gervais, Assailant (Luis Flores remix),
Mattia Trani, Over the Future (Ilario Alicante remix)

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Ceoltronic Radio Live 22/01/2015 on RTE Pulse 2 Hour Mix


Bodeler & Brondub, Hat Swing,
Bodeler & Brondub, Spaced Out,
Bodeler & Brondub, Que Head,
Rafa Barrios, Delta,
Rafa Barrios, Thyphon,
Rafa Barrios, Atenea,
Carlo Lio, Deebug, Mood,
Carlo Lio, No Turning Back, Mood,
Lewis Fautzi, Elliptic, Soma Records,
Secluded, Delusional, Soma Records,
Secluded, Sympathy, Soma Records,
Daniel Avery, Drone Logic (Rodhad Rmx)
Daniel Avery Platform Zero (Volte-Face Rmx)
Daniel Avery, Simulrec (Conforce Rmx)
Harvey McKay, Kill Switch, Drumcode,
Harvey McKay, The Cure, Drumcode,
Harvey McKay, Trick Baby, Drumcode,
Harvey McKay, Venom, Drumcode,
Raffaele Rizzi, Arkadia, Analytictrail,

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15/01/2015: No Broadcast – Car got stolen 2 hours before my show while moving studio.

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Ceoltronic Radio Live on RTE Pulse 09/01/2015

Hi everyone

Play lists for January below. Have a nice weekend

Ceoltronic Radio Live 09/01/2015:


Will Kinsella, The Script, Dynamo Recordings,
Adam Beyer, The Nature of Keys, Truesoul,
Adam Beyer, You’re the same, Truesoul,
Adam Beyer, Valium & LFO’s, Truesoul,
Will Kinsella, Mayan Mask, TMMR,
Will Kinsella, Area 51, TMMR,
The Junkies, Get Down, Sci+Tec,
The Junkies, MLS Cue, Sci+tTec,
Aaron Bessemer, Curl;y Blonde, MKT Records,
Francisco Allendes, Human Design, Mood,
Francisco Allendes, The Black Page, Mood,
Joel Mull, The Waiting, Mood,
Joel Mull, Wind It Up, Mood,
Matt Sassari & Matt Mor, Here & Now, Senso Records,
Matt Sassari & Matt Mor, Modelisme Portatif, Senso Records,
Will Kinsella, Violence In America, Dynamo Recordings,
Will Kinsella, Set The Record Straight (Johan Smog Rmx), Dynamo Recordings,
Will Kinsalla, Monsters Ball (Hristian Stojanowski) Dynamo Recordings,
Will Kinsella, Orbiting Mothership, TMMR,
Will Kinsella, The Writing, Kobination Research,
Will Kinsella, The Watchers, Patterns,

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Ceoltronic Radio December Playlists – RTE Pulse: ADE 2014 Review, 9 Years of Ceoltronic Radio

Ceoltronic Radio Live 04/12/2014: 2 Hour Live Mix


Premiesku, Vreju, Desolat,
Shlomi Aber, Mind Tribus,
Yousef & Blakkat, Analogue Times,
Marco Faraone, Over vision,
Eddie Fowlkes, I’m Telling You,
Anthea Ft LK, Booty Call,
Anton Pieete, Galicion, Rejected,
Anton Pieete, Jupiter Blue, Rejected,
Daniel Bortz, D & H, Pastamusik,
Fabio Florido, Be You, Minus,
Fabio Florido, Houston, Minus,
Fabio Florido, Timeless, Minus,
Fabio Florido, War of the Worlds, Triangle Records,
Fabio Florido, Lost in the Wood, Triangle Records,
Fabio Florido, Angry, Triangle Records,
Weeska, Crash, Loose Records,
Guve, 4 Papersm Loose Records,
Alessan Main, Tony Varga, Suspenso Drivik,
Charles Fenckler, District One, Soma Reocrds,
Charles Fenckler, District Two, Soma Records,
Secluded, Obstacle (Truncate Jammin Rmx), Sleaze Records,
Secluded, Blacked (Subjected Internal Digital Exclusive Mix), Sleaze Records,

Ceoltronic Radio Live 11/12/2014: 2 Hour Live Mix


Daniel Melingo, Narigon Radioslave Rmx, Desolat,
Dale Howard, Drone, Avotre,
Arada & Ortis, Jackin in the Box, Avotre,
Flashmob, Reality, Avotre,
Enrico Sangiuliano, Sparrows Fran Kyefte Rmx, Gem Records,
Enrico Sangiuliano, Outfought, Gem Records,
Wade, Checkpoint, MOOD,
Wade, Dark Shaows, MOOD,
Wade, Sunday in the Sky, MOOD
Francisco Allendes, Human Design, MOOD,
Francisco Allendes, The Back Page, MOOD,
ADJA, Don’t Constrain Me, Sci+Tec,
Matt Sassari & Matt Mor, Appaneka, Senso Sounds,
Matt Sassari & Matt Mor, Here & Now, Senso Sounds,
Matt Sassari & Matt Mor, Modelisme Portatif, Senso Sounds,
Joseph S Joyce, Vedanta (Sebastian Mullaert Mix), Default Position,
Kaiser, Medusa, Etruria Beat,
Kaiser, Save the Chord (Dj Emerson Mix), Etruria Beat,
Deepchild, Haitian Rum Runner, Juno Records,
Deepchild, Brutal Sea Shanty, Juno Records,

9 Years of Ceoltronic Radio 18/12/2014: ADE 2014 Review

Features interviews with Dave Clarke, Dubfire, Steve Rachmad, Gaiser, Rocco from Awakenings, Karosh Nasari. Music from Zusamenklang and Farbice Lig (Planet E).


Fabrice Lig – Techno Lab Mix

Sketches Pt1, Carls Davis, Planet E Communications,
Motor City, Robert Hood, Music Man Records,
DANGEROUS 2, Gregory Lacour & Mark Taylor, Unreleased,
Eddyken Analog (Ray Kajioka West Rooted Mix) SIS Extravaganza Records,
Travel, DJ Skull, Chaval records,
Stolen (Dub One), Paul Woolford, Psycatron Hotflush Recordings,
Eyespeak (Kink Remix), Ed Davenport, Liebe Detail
3_Born To be Wise, Fabrice Lig, Planet E Communications
C Machine Beat, Dj Deep, Deeply Rooted,
Instinctive Behaviour (Original Mix), William Welt, 22 digit,
Je Parle A Moi Ekkohaus Turquoise Blue Records
Unbennant, Yør Creme Organization,
Kepler-22B, Sebastien San, Ab Initio,
4_My 101 In Zero Gravitiy, Fabrice Lig, Planet E Communications,
Fighting Is Futile (KiNK Extended Dub), Matthew Dear, Ghostly International,
Signal (Original Mix), Regal (ES), Enemy Records,
Milky way, Samoil Radinski, Logos Recordings,
The Mouth Of Montreal (Original Mix), Dustin Zahn, Enemy Records,
Underlying (Madben remix), Traumer, A-Traction Records,

9 Years of Ceoltronic Radio 25/12/2014: A Christmas Ceoltronic

Mixes from the Ceoltronic Radio archives. Mark Lawless Apocalypse Now 9 mix and Will Kinsella Amsterdam Nights mix featuring tracks from a record shopping trip at ADE 2007.


9 Years of Ceoltronic Radio 01/01/2014: 3 Deck mixes from the Ceoltronic Archives

Features Funkadelic 2006 & Funkadelic 2007 mixes


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9 Years of Ceoltronic Radio – Thanks for Listening – RTE 2FM, RTE Pulse, Raidio na Life

December marks the beginning of a series of specialist shows and parties celebrating 9 Years of broadcasting with Ceoltronic Radio. I launched the show as a 3 Deck mix show on Raidio Na Life back in 2005. I couldn’t speak Irish so they threw me on at 1:30 in the morning on a Wednesday.

From there my journey began. Trips to Carbon Records in Temple Bar which was run by Phil Boyle. Advancements in technology. Flying to Amsterdam Dance Event every year since 2006 and playing interviews & records I bought there. Trips to Sonar, Frankfurt to check out Sven’s Cocoon club. Ceoltronic was an outlet for all of my reconnaissance trips abroad. In 2008 I made the move to RTE Pulse and since Ceoltronic has become a regular feature on RTE 2FM.

Radio for me is a discipline and a form of meditation. It’s that time of the week where everything outside of that radio studio doesn’t matter. It isn’t for everybody. There’s no dance floor to feed off energy wise. Its just you, your music, a microphone and whoever happens to be listening. The magic is that you never know exactly who is on the other end. Once the clock strikes ten it doesn’t matter what is going on in your life; the fact is you are on air and live radio doesn’t wait for anybody. I love that.

December is always an important time of the year for me. Its a point where I look back on the previous year and those before and assess progress. Its also that point where I begin to look forward and see what I can do next. There’s always new things to learn, new production techniques, new ideas and new parties.

I would like to thank everyone who has listened in and contributed over the years. I would also like to thank Mark Lawless and Simon Foran for their help and input. Special thanks to the following DJs for taking time out to conduct interviews which are always a source of inspiration: Robert Hood, Dave Clarke, Richie Hawtin, Adam Beyer, Carl Cox, Dubfire, Claude Young, Detroit Techno Militia, Magda, Troy Pierce, Marc Houle, Seth Troxler, The Advent, Cari Lekebusch the list goes on…

Below is what I have lined up for December. Keeping with tradition everything comes to ahead with our New Years Eve Party which is back in Pygmalion this year.

All the best and thanks for reading.


Ceoltronic Radio on RTE Pulse 04.12.2014
Ceoltronic Radio on RTE Pulse 11.12.2014
Ceoltronic Radio on RTE Pulse 18.12.2014
Ceoltronic Radio on RTE 2FM 20.12.2014
Ceoltronic Radio on RTE Pulse 25.12.2014

6 Years of RTE Pulse @ Pygmalion 05.12.14
Apocalypse Now Relaunch with Alan Fitzpatrick @ Button Factory 12.12.14
Division/Ceoltronic Christmas Party 20.12.2014
Division NYE: 9 Years of Ceoltronic Radio @ Pygmalion 31/12/2014

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Ceoltronic Radio Live 27/11/2014: 2 Hour Live Mix


Adam Beyer, The Nature of Keys, Truesoul,
Adam Beyer, Valiumn & LFO’s, Truesoul,
Adam Beyer, You’re The Same, Truesoul,
Harvey McKay, Amen, Bedrock,
Maceo Plex, Conjure Floyd, Drumcode,
Maceo Plex, Conjure Dreams, Drumcode,
JPLS, Heatwave, Sci+Tec,
JPLS, Submerge, Sci+Tec,
MUUI, Desire (Escape The Remedies), Crossfrontier Audio
MUUI. Polkadot Syndrome (Escape The Remedies), Crossfrontier Audio,
MUUI, Escape The Remedies (Escape The Remedies), Crossfrontier Audio,
MUUI, Suggestions (Escape The Remedies), Crossfrontier Audio,
MUUI, Too Many (Escape The Remedies), Crossfrontier Audio,
MUUI, Slay (Escape The Remedies), Crossfrontier Audio,
Slam, Catacoustics, Soma Records,
Slam, Rotary, Soma Records,
Slam, Pattern A3, Soma Records,
Mental Resonance, Echoes from the other space, White Rose,
Mental Resonance, Beyond the Universe, White Rose,
Alex Dolby, Tu, Micro.fon
Alex Dolby, Metauco, Micro.fon
Dj Soch, Funky Dry, Black Angus Records,

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Ceoltronic Radio on RTE Pulse Play Lists & Links September 25 – November 20

Ceoltronic Radio 20/11/2014: Yapacc (Perlon, Lucidflow) Live @ Climax Stuttgart


Ceoltronic Radio 13/11/2014: Seghment Live, Patrick Dowdall


Ceoltronic Radio 06/11/2014: 2 Hour Live Mix


Clio, Leave Me Alone, Serkal,
Clio, Wanna Tell You, Serkal,
Clio, What Is Life, Serkal,
Oliver Huntermann, Schnitzel, Senso Sounds,
Oliver Huntermann, Vienna, Senso Sounds
Capulet, Whatever (Dub), Troupe Records,
Wigbert, Head MAchine, Sci+Tec,
Wigbert, Okapi, Sci+Tec,
Wigbert, This & That, Sci+Tec,
Wigbert, Wild Things, Sci+Tec,
Pascal Nuzzo, Kaneda, Loose Club,
Pascal Nuzzo, Opium, Loose Club,
Pascal Nuzzo, Rising, Loose Club,
Niereich, Placebo Effect, Micro.Fon,
Niereich, Black Sheep, Micro.Fon,
Alexander Weinstein, Just, Micro.Fon,
Flug, Outside, Dark Rose,
Zedge Hunter, Sight, Dark Rose,
Matt Saderlan, Stalker, Dark Rose,
Julixho, The Elements, Dark Rose,
Alexander Weinstein, Stone, Micro.Fon,
Spherical Coordinates, SCBPA 23, Pole Group,
Spherical Coordinates, SCBPA 20, Pole Group,

Ceoltronic Radio 30/10/2014: 2 Hour Live Mix


Premiesku, More 4, Apollonia,
Premiesku, Despre ei, Apollonia,
Premiesku, Real, Apollonia,
Ray Okpara, Sugar Feel, Mobilee,
Ray Okpara, Ostroff, Mobilee,
Reset Robot, Hent, Truesoul,
Reset Robot, Metrosexual, Truesoul,
Reset Robot, Plaque, Truesoul,
Hector, H.P.L.C (David Gtronic Rmx)
Tom Flynn, She’s Nice, Poker Flat,
Josh Wink, Groove, Poker Flat,
Audiomatiques, China Invasion, NKT Records,
Audiomatiques, One Moment Please, NKT Records,
Audiomatiques, Runaway, NKT Records,
Lerrio Corrado, Frivolous Reaction, Bams Music,
Lerrio Corrado, Here I Am, Bams Music,
Lerrio Corrado, Smoking On The Moonlight,
Mikael Jonoson, Indigo, Octopus Black,
Mikael Jonoson, Busher, Octopus Black,
Mikael Jonoson, Nangijala, Octopus Black,
Sain, Venus De Milo (Sian Intravenus Mix), Octopus Recordings,

Ceoltronic Radio 23/10/2014: Sexshop & JohnMantis Live from Studio A


Ceoltronic Radio 16/10/2014: Mark Lawless & Darren O’Hara


Ceoltronic Radio 09/10/2014: Angelo C Live from Studio A


Ceoltronic Radio 02/10/2014: 2 Hour Live Mix


Danilo Schreider, Source Shape, Round Cube Music,
Pop Booth, Geometrics, Broque,
Sabb & Dimitri Ft Nava, Unconditional, Saved,
Denney & Guthie, 1A, Saved,
Vanjee, Say What The Funk, Saved,
Geddes, Stand Up,
Fer Br, Envelopes, Minus,
Fer Br, Less Is Mass, Minus,
Fer Br, Pommring, Minus,
Fer Br, Snnapy, Minus,
Nick Curly, Crossroads, Truesoul,
Nick Curly, Indigo Child, Trusoul,
The Junkies, Mis Cue, Sci+Tec,
The Junkies, Get Down, Sci+Tec,
Abe Duque, What Happened?, Abe Duque Recordings,
Seph, 3D Radio,
Abe Duque, Disco Lights, Abe Duque Recordings,
Crocodile Soup, G.H.B.E.P., Gos Music Studio Records,
Energun, Resolution, Nulabel Ltd,
Energun, Failure (Miss Sunshine remix), Nulabel Ltd,
Sebastian Kommos, Understanding,
Sebastian Kommos, Pressure,
Nicole Mordaber, Whippin And Dishin (Robert Dietz), Mood Records,

Ceoltronic Radio 25/09/2014: 2 Hour Live Mix


System 2, Blackjack Hustler, System 2,
Diego Infarzon, Get A Ride, Blackflag,
Martin Eyerer, Reckless, Watergate,
Paul Strive, Rules, Sci+Tec,
Paul Strive, Revenge, Sci+Tec,
Emmanuel, Scenario, ARTS,
Nicole Modaber, The Whippin Im Dishin, Mood Records,
Joton, One Of These Days, Authentic Rec,
Joton, Overflow, Authentic Rec,
Peja, Rotaion & Revolution, Authentic Rec,
Attac, O2, Authentic Rec,
Peja, Vascular Plants, Authentic Rec,
Attac, Bells Through My Mind, Authentic Rec,
Andrey Lannvoy, Creek,
Kamikaze Space Program, Network Rail, Mote Evolver,
Kamikaze Space Program, Death To The Valley, Mote Evolver,
Kamikaze Space Program, The Bailiff, Mote Evolver,
Kamikaze Space Program, Radio, Mote Evolver,
Andre Kronert, Terminus Jonas Kapp Mix, Odd/Even,
Rommek, Forest Depths, Weekend Circuit,

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Ceoltronic Radio Best of the Month – August 2014 – RTE 2FM

Ceoltronic Radio best of the month show on RTE 2FM.



Saso Recyd, The Last, Sci+Tec,
Alexi Delano, Lush Technique, Kolon:Trax,
7th Star aka Velentina Black & Less Hate, Reaction, With Compliments,
Alex Mine, They Promise, Sci+Tec,
Carlo Ruetz, Bells, M-nus,
Tiefschwarz, Fire It Out ft. Ruede Hagalstein, Watergate,
Christian Burkhardt and Frank Lorber, Blizzard, Saved Records,
Joel Mull, Wind It Up, MOOD,
Petter B, Loggbay Session B, Drumcode,
Nikola Gala, Octoechos, Anemone

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Will Kinsella on the future of Ceoltronic Radio, his production and live performance

Half way through my radio show last week I had one of those moments of clarity; an epiphany of sorts. I was fed up and I was boring myself. That can’t be good for the listener so for the first time since the early days (and late nights) of Raidio na Life (almost 9 years ago) I began performing as a 3 deck artist.

This time around I had the advantage of technology and I had the ability to loop, cut and mash tracks together in a way that would have been impossible on turntables. I always treated a radio show like a DJ set. Start deep and work your way up to peak time. I think its important for me to not only increase the intensity of the music but also the performance.

When I got home from my show with Gregor Tresher show last Friday night I spent 5 hours watching Jeff Mills Live videos. From the Exhibitionist to the Peel Sessions to one very mental show in Japan. It was so mind blowingly good that it brought me to think that everything is shit. It was an internal reset of sorts that has very much put my mind at ease for the first time in ages.

I’ve spent 2 years full time researching and learning how to sound design, mix and master tracks they way I want them. I’ve got enough tracks written to do a 4 track EP every month for 10 months. I’ve written tracks for tomorrow night that sound like nothing I’ve ever done before. That is a liberating thought. I feel free to go anywhere now as a producer. Compose something super minimal and contrast it with something more industrial and in the process create a live set of 3/4 hours that truly tells a story.

I am a fan of competition. At the moment there’s more producers and DJs out there than ever before. At the same time the global scale of electronic music is bigger than ever. There in lies the challenge and the opportunity to push our productions and performances beyond where we thought was possible.

If we deliver a performance or produce a live show or a piece of music that is truly magic, then the universe will do the rest. The world will hear it. That’s what I believe.

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Ceoltronic Radio Live with Will Kinsella on RTE Pulse 28/08/2014 – 3 Deck Live Mix

Ceoltronic Radio Live 28/09/2014


Matom, Experiment 1 Variation 3, Planet E,
Son of Sound, Violent Mood, Local Talk,
Hector, Javier Garballo, Hanfry Martinez, The Daggers, Overall Music,
Andreas Ballicki, Be Mine, Definition Music,
Christian Carpentieri, Come On, Joyful Family Records,
Kramnik, Flex – Cari Lekebusch remix, Kram Records,
Kramnik, Dilek – Kruze remix, Kram Records,
Modern, Modern 07,
Modern, Modern 08,
Modern, Modern 09,
Mike Parker, Polar Vortex, Mote Evolver,
Mike Parker, Ice Fissure, Mote Evolver,
Psyk, Myriad, Mote Evolver,
Psyk, Avadon, Mote Evolver,
Psyk, Five, Mote Evolver,
Psyk, Silhouette, Mote Evolver,
Psyk, Shift, Mote Evolver,
Psyk, Parade, Mote Evolver,
Rismu, MST – Plant Worker remix, Affin,
Advanced Human, Open Air – Joachim Spieth remix, Affin,
Exos, Stargate 7, Affin,
Alex Bau, Diversions – Ad Lib & Silvision remix, Affin,
Jonas Kopp, Westphalia – Oscar Mulero remix, Warm Up Recordings,
Developer, 1975, PoleGroup,
Hawkinson, Drinsen, Phunkit,
James Mile, Lawnless, Wet Cellar Records,
Salvo Castelli, Between Light & Darkness, Wet Cellar Records,
Nadia Popoff, Depths, Wet Cellar Records,

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